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Memories of Barry Mayson

In some ways, Barry Mayson was a mentor to me, but mostly, he was a friend. I have hesitated to include his name at all on this website because I don't intend my inclusion of Barry's name to be used as a way to validate myself or the Surviving Saints.  I don't want to use his life's story in that way.  He touched many people's lives, me being just one of the many.  But his story is one of those stories in life that so vividly exemplifies God's amazing grace and redemption through Jesus.  While there are many people throughout my lifetime who have influenced my walk with God and who have meant a lot to me, Barry story is a little more unusual than most.

Barry Mayson's life story, up until shortly after he was born again in 1976, can be read in his autobiography entitled Fallen Angel - Hell's Angel to Heaven's Saint written with the help of Tony Marco and originally published in 1982.  You can purchase it new in paperback.  The story is just  as the title states, a story of a man who grew up to become a member and officer in the Hell's Angels Motorcycle Club and who later became a born again Christian.  Shortly after his salvation in 1976, Barry founded the Barry Mayson Evangelistic Outreach and the Heaven's Saints Motorcycle Ministry. 

Barry Mayson's testimony is as relevant today as it was when it first happened.  There are some who, when reading or listening to his story, will not fully understand the life he came from.  But, there are those who will not only understand, but who will read much more into the story than Barry felt it appropriate to share, because they've lived the life, or their lives have been effected by the same situations. I am including a link below to God's Tube where you can view a video of Barry giving his testimony a few years back.  You can also purchase his autobiography and other related items by going to  The book is now in paperback and available from a link on his web site.  Sometimes you can pick up an old copy online at Amazon Books or similar online used book stores.

When Barry walked into a room or a crowded restaurant, people noticed; and he noticed them.  He was always looking to fulfill his promise to God to share his testimony.  He touched many, many people's lives.  I've seen him speak to a crowded school auditorium for over an hour and the whole time you could hear a pin drop with the exception of his voice.  He was seldom loud.  He never resorted to the slick preacher lingo that so many preachers rely on to sound "godly".  He spoke as if he was speaking to a personal friend about his life.  I heard him share the story of his life many times over and I never became bored with it.  I'd laugh at the same jokes over and over and never get tired of them.  He had a way about him.  A God way I guess.  I imagine Jesus being a lot like that.  But, now, don't get me wrong, Barry was a man, not God.  He was imperfect and suffered from the same human frailties we all do.  He didn't always do everything just right, but it was his heart to try to get it right.  He was a man I could  count on.

Barry received and fought many  opportunities over his Christian life to sell out in order to attain personal wealth and recognition.  Many times he was tempted.  He remained strong.

Charles "Barry" Mayson went home to be with Jesus on July 4, 2007 at the age of 63.  His memory lives on in the hearts and minds of many and his life story remains to be passed along to those who would hear.

God bless,   Bruce Potenza



CLICK HERE for Barry Mayson's Testimony Video on God Tube

CLICK HERE for Barry Mayson's Testimony Page


The picture on the left is a very personal and special one to me.  My wife, Donna, and I were riding alongside Barry when she took this shot. The picture is special because when we look at it, we remember the day and  remember what a great time we were having and that he was smiling back at us.  It's also special because it reminds us how Barry always gave all credit to Jesus.  A lot of people have taken this picture from one of our sites and put it on theirs.  That's OK.  Because, like I said, whenever, wherever we see it, we remember. . . and are blessed. I hope you are blessed too.  Bruce SFFS

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